How I get my hair sooooooo blue

It’s my first post! Yaaaaay! I get a lot of compliments on my hair color,  so I’m going to share with you how I do it!



The dye I use is N’rage Twisted Teal,  which I get from Sally Beauty for about $11. My hair is naturally light brown, so I don’t bleach it, but if you have dark hair and want a brighter teal,  I would suggest bleaching. The one time I’ve had to bleach my hair, the Manic Panic Flash Lightening kit worked wonders! When dyeing my hair, I first cover around my ears, hairline, and back of neck with vaseline to prevent staining, and put on gloves. I use a brush/comb combo, and I brush some dye on my part and let it sit for 10 minutes on my roots before continuing on to the rest of my hair. After letting my roots sit, I scoop some dye with my fingers and massage it into my hair. I continue this until my hair is saturated.  After my hair is completely saturated,  I use the comb half of my dye brush to comb through all of my hair in order to make sure the dye is fully incorporated.  Once my hair is fully combed through,  I either cover it with a shower cap, or wrap it in saran wrap.
When using N’rage I let the dye sit for at least an hour,  although usually more. N’rage is very gentle on hair, and I’ve had it in for up to 16 hours before when I fell asleep with it in. When I go to rinse out the dye, I fully wash and condition my hair after getting the bulk of thw dye out. The dye may bleed out in the shower for about a week or so after, but unlike Manic Panic, it doesn’t seem to affect the color. N’rage is very long lasting,  and I’ve found that it barely fades, and I don’t need to re-dye until my roots start coming in.
I hope this post was helpful! I really love dyeing my own hair, so if you have any questions,  leave thwm in the comments and I’ll probably have an answer!


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